Friday, June 14, 2013

Keith & Squirt!!!

Today is my two favourite people's (Squirt is totally a person in my eyes) birthday!  They're my best friends.  And, as you can see my these photos... they are totally best friends with each other.  (Maybe even closer than I am, ha!)  I love these two sooooooooo much!!!  Neither of them read my blog (ha.  At least I don't think Keith reads it?  Squirt I'm 99% sure doesn't...) but I hope they both have a wonderful day & an AMAZING year ahead of them!  Plus many many more birthdays!!  I love these two so damn much.    Today is also Squirt's champagne birthday, so that's pretty exciting!  She's 14 years old today, on the 14th! 

1 comment:

  1. All these photos are SO ADORABLE!!! I hope that Keith + Squirt had an amazing birthday!!!! xoxo


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