Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday's Finds: Part 31!

I wouldn't mind hanging out here.
Or here!
AHHH!  Adorable
Speaking of sheep... THIS is the perfect cuts of lamb image!
This honey tea cake is one recipe I've got to try!
And I think a glass of this pineapple strawberry & mint white wine sangria (that is a mouthful!) would go perfect with it!
THIS. IS. AWESOME.  For his 40th birthday, his wife contacted 40 friends/family to send their favorite book to him as a gift. Hey Keith, you've got 6 months if you wanna do this for me this year... haha!
I love this idea.  Rings with the names of cities/countries you've visited!
This would be perfect to store yarn in... haha!
I made these "fried" bananas with cinnamon & honey last week and really liked them!  Instead of olive oil I used coconut oil.
I need to remember this more!  For the longest time I didn't want to drink my "fancy" teas or use things like bath bombs because I felt like I was wasting them.  What is the point of having them if you never want to use them?  Same goes for using "fancy" dishes or cutlery!  I need to keep this in mind with my clothes, too.  Why have a closet filled with clothes if I don't want to wear them in case they get "dirty"?  Show 'em off!  No one can see them hung up in the closet!  Haha.
This week is donating to the Sweet Nectar Society, which is an organization that finds photographers to capture the hope, courage, and strength of children undergoing treatment for serious illnesses, disabilities and injuries, and provide their families with lasting memories.

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