Tuesday, February 25, 2014


15/365: A little robe for Soph.

16/365: Huevos Rancheros.  Mmmmmm.

17/365: Went to the States the night before & picked up a bunch of awesome things.  Bath bombs on sale, new mugs, stationery, beer, tea, Project Life stuff...

18/365: I love this girl so much!  & she loves her new bed that was a Christmas present from Keith.  It's the perfect little size for her.  

19/365: Keith & I went over to Jesse & Lauren's house and gave Soph her Christmas present.  We had a little tea party while we were there, haha.

Typical!!!  hahaha.  These three are so alike. 
20/365: New Year's Eve!  My last book of the year (I read 54 in 2013.).  & a ton of group shots, haha.  I LOVE GROUP SHOTS.  I always make sure to take a ton... and they always turn out pretty hilarious.  

21/365: New Year's Day was a pretty lazy day!  Had a bath & read, did some knitting & crocheting, drank tea... my perfect day. 

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  1. OHMY!! look how long your hair is Holly!!! That is seriously my goal length!! haha!! You are so pretty!! and I love all these photos! Those group shots are great! :)


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