Thursday, February 13, 2014

Oh hello!

Hey!  It's been a while, eh?  Well, hopefully today is the start of me regularly blogging again.  Key word: hopefully.  Ha.  Back in December, I decided to start a "Project 365" type thing, take a photo a day.   So, I figured I should finally just post the damn photos!  Haha.  Some days might have a few more photos, some might just have one.  My goal is to just take a photo of SOMETHING every day, and by doing that I'll get into the habit of taking more photos of every day things.  I loved doing the "Peek at My Week" posts, I started doing it in 2012 and when I go back and look at the photos, it brings back so many memories.  Plus, I'm trying to do Project Life this year, so these photos will really help out with that. 

Anyway, enough rambling, here are some photos:
1/365: My birthday.  For the past couple years, I start the day off with a mug of Birthday Cake tea from DavidsTea.  And yes, my birthday cake was a sheep.  Haha!

2/365: Sweet little Squirt laying by the Christmas tree.

3/365: Eiffel Tower ornament & a few group shots from the annual December birthday party at Jesse & Lauren's.  A bumper pool tournament was going on & a ball got moved during the group shot, haha.  
4/365: Snow!  I always wish for a bit of snow on my birthday.  This December (and January) was pretty snowy!
5/365: Lights on the tree.

6/365: I hate it when I hope I'm coming home from work to a package, only to have to wait until the next day to pick it up.  This happens way too much, haha.  

7/365: Birthday flowers from Sara (& Squirt!).

Okay, I think 7 days at a time is good enough.  Now, hopefully I'll keep this up... haha.  I don't even know if anyone (other than my Mom) is reading this anymore, but that's okay... I like being able to look back at everything.  


  1. This lady will be going to buy some birthday tea ASAP, that looks amazing!
    Loving the photos so far! : )


  2. !! I love your tea cup and that sheep cake! and Squirt is so so precious!!!

  3. love the photos as usual! the ligthts and tea [close up] are amazing!

  4. Did Instagram kill all of our blogs? It did mine. Are you still doing the PL and 365? Let me know when you're in the city next, I'd love to geek out ;)

  5. I'm still following!
    And that sheep cake is adorable!!

  6. I love the kind of pictures you've taken, do keep posting!


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