About Me

Hey!  Thanks so much for taking the time to check out my piece of the internet! I'm pretty terrible at writing "about me" pages (seriously though, who isn't?  If you're good at it, wanna write my page?  Please?) so, I'm Holly!  I'm a 20-something Canadian girl who loves sheep, knitting, crocheting, Keith, Squirt, sending & receiving mail, tea, and Sudoku!  (And about a million other things!)

I have an Etsy shop that is currently filled with hand knit items.  I'm hoping to expand (very soon!) and have embroidered pieces, some jewelery, crocheted items, things for the home, etc., etc.  It will be great.  Trust me.

My blog is fairly random... for the year 2011 I tried to celebrate every "strange" holiday for the year.  Some favourite posts: Secret Pal Day, Bill Cosby Sweater Day (Part 1 and Part 2), and National Hangover Day.  To see all of the days I have celebrated, check out this link.

Every Friday I do a post called "A Peek at My Week" and show a re-cap of things that I've done that past week. 

I have a pretty awesome boyfriend named Keith, who I write about from time to time (haha) and no, we don't really have any good pictures together.  Ahaha.

And probably the sweetest dog ever, Squirt.  You will see photos of her on here quite a bit.  But it's worth it, I promise.
I really cannot think of anything else to add to this right now, so if you have any questions, send me an e-mail (hollcrawford@gmail.com) or comment on a blog post!  I'd love to hear from you!
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